General Labor Jobs

General Labor Jobs

General Labor jobs are essentially jobs that do not require any type of special skills. They are general types of jobs for which the pay is not that great, but they are easy to find. There are generally no educational qualifications or certifications needed for general labor jobs. Depending on the type of industry, the work requirements change. Here are some of the common areas where general labor jobs are prevalent:

House Care – This is the most common type of work for a general labor. Typically, maids are laborers who could be called as general laborers for house care. The work required of a maid would mainly be cleaning and general upkeep of a house. It would involve vacuuming the carpets, mopping and sweeping floors, dusting windows, ceiling fans and furniture as well as removing trash. General work will also include washing clothes, folding and ironing them, washing dishes, polishing silver and china, cleaning appliances like microwaves, making beds and changing linens. There would be a lot of work in the bathrooms – scrubbing sinks, disinfecting toilets, cleaning mirrors and more. These are types of work that do not require any special skills and are something that anyone living in a home would know how to do.

Lawn Care – Most Americans living in the suburbs have nice big lawns that need a lot of attention. This leads to creation of many lawn care jobs. The work involved is mowing the grass, edging, trimming, fertilizing, watering, digging and adding flower beds. This work requires working outside in the sun and is much more demanding than regular house care.

Car Care – All cars need to be cleaned and regularly maintained. The work required by a general laborer looking after a car includes washing the outside with water and soap, drying it, applying polish, buffing, cleaning wheels and tires, cleaning the inside and applying deodorizers. With some direction, a general laborer would also be expected to be able to inspect fluid levels, top up fluids if required as well as change the oil and oil filter.

Office Laborer – There is a lot of work required around an office. A general labor job would involve cleaning up the offices, bathrooms, vaccuuming, dusting, upkeep of break rooms and refilling coffee pots. It could also involve messengers taking mail from one section of an office to the other. A more specialized job that could fall into the category of a general laborer could be an office administrator, who looks after many small tasks for offices.

Shop Laborer – Many manufacturing jobs involve skilled and unskilled laborers. The unskilled laborers are generally under the tutelage of skilled technicians until they gain sufficient experience and knowledge to move on to specialized tasks. Their work could involve fitting, hammering, running cables wires, piping, lifting equipment, loading and unloading. Depending on the type of manufacturing facility, these jobs vary a lot.

Dock Worker – A dock worker or a longshoreman initially starts out as a general laborer or a casual worker. A longshoreman’s job could involve anything from loading and unloading cargo on ships and warehouses to cleaning up after spills. A longshoreman is a general worker who slowly gains skills specific to working at a port. This work comes with its own hazards – there are many chances of a trip or fall, electrical shocks, coming in contact with chemicals and bio hazards as well as chances of back injury due to improper lifting procedures.

As is apparent, general labor jobs are numerous, but they have their own challenges. They come with low pay and hazards. However, general labor jobs provide unskilled laborers an entry into the job market and help them gain experience. This leads them to develop a career and become successful in the long run.